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  • New technology is putting pressure on the bar code's existence.

    QR Code to Barcode...Step Aside

    The ubiquitous barcode has revolutionised the retail industry since its arrival on a packet of Wrigley’s chewing gum in 1974. The black and white striped sticker encodes information about the product that can be easily scanned, speeding up checkout and making logistics easier. However, businesses, regulators and shoppers themselves are demanding more information about their products – and this may mean the reign of the barcode is ending.

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  • Google is placing big bets on future technology.

    The Alphabet According to Google

    We have got used to Google as a massive global success story. However, sometimes the detail is more interesting than the top line. On February 1 an announcement by the firm’s holding company Alphabet gave investors their first real insight into the relative performances of its different parts. In addition, it revealed a lot about a section of the operation of which we previously knew very little – the large number of investments into technologies that are some distance from the core businesses.

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  • The World Economic Forum faces a new, digital, industrial revolution.

    You Say You Want a (Digital) Revolution

    The World Economic Forum Meeting at Davos, Switzerland this year is all about navigating a path through the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Preceding industrial revolutions centred on machinery, electrified mass production, and computers. The fourth premise is on emerging breakthrough technologies based on artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, brain research, robots, the internet of things, and much else.

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  • The Cybersecurity industry growth seems to parallel the growth in hacking.

    Hackers Fuel Cybersecurity Industry

    Cybersecurity software has been a major focus in pop culture since the release of the 1995 film, Hackers starring Angelina Jolie. Computer break-ins have since been a significant theme in countless movies and television programs. The entertainment industry has provided cybersecurity firms with the best promotion imaginable; film and program content that induces widespread fear of hackers.

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